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Order Tubers Of Large & Giant Dahlias At The End Of 2017 For The 2018 Growing Season

The Big Dahlias Store is currently closed for tuber sales. Come back when we reopen for business at the end of 2017.

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Big Dahlias is the place to buy tubers for large dahilas (A). Big Dahlias is your source to purchase giant dahlia tubers (AA). We exclusively sell tubers for dahlias with big blooms. Because we think that bigger is better, only tubers for dahlias 8" and larger are sold at Big Dahlias.

The annual ‘Corso Zundert’ Parade features giant floats made from thousands of dahlias

How To Grow Dinnerplate Dahlias video

How to Impress your Friends: Grow Large & Giant Dinner Plate Dahlias in Your Garden! more

Whatever type of Dinnerplate Dahlia you choose, here is one word of caution. If you grow large and giant dahlias in your front yard, don’t expect to admire them in peace. more